Upcoming Events

The entertainment industry is on pause, but slowly beginning to start up again, as the world battles the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Globally, there are over 19.6 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus, identified as COVID-19. In the United States, that number has risen to over 5.1 million over the past six months. In an effort to prevent spreading the virus, many concerts, festivals, film and TV shoots, and other events have been canceled, rescheduled, or modified. However, good news for the industry is beginning to emerge, as film and television production was allowed to resume in California on June 12, as well as in New York City on July 20. Disney Parks have reopened, and socially distant concerts are starting to become a thing. We hope to see events return to the Boston area and surrounding towns. The Best thing to do is support local and make sure to stay safe. We hope for a safe return in the following months and cant wait to see you all again!